Clicksit cross platform returns

The out-of-the-box, cross carrier, eCommerce return solution for retailers of all sizes.

Benefits Our Shopify App


A solution which improves the customer and retailer return experience

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    Multi Carrier

    Offer your customers the best return experience by providing a choice of carriers.

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    Sell more

    Return options can prevent basket abandonment, and a positive return experience drives future sales.

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    Customer Satisfaction

    Reassure your customer with visibility of their item's location at all times.

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    Retailer visibility

    Benefit from reduced customer queries, and resolve them quicker with visibility of return.

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    Plan more easily

    Quickly identify trends in returns in real time, and make operational decisions accordingly.

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    Automate the re-targeting of customers, to drive sales during the return process.

  • Capture

    Your customers book a return through your fully branded return portal. Mobile and Desktop compatible.

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  • Engage

    A successful return journey encourages repeat purchases. Tracking emails reassure the customer, while providing an opportunity to re-target.


How we charge

Pricing varies with volume, but here's an idea of our  charges. We don't charge for setup :)

  • Our contracts

    From Per return
    • If you don't have carrier contracts in place, use ours to get discounted return shipping.
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  • Your contracts

    From Per return
    • If you already have your own carrier contracts, that's ok we can work with those. Pricing per return processed.
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Integrated carriers

Select major carriers to process your returns. Your contracts, or ours.